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Gluten Sensitivity and the FDN Model

Gluten has a global effect on the body                 Gluten is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species, including barley and rye. In regard to its intake, it’s not just “digestive discomfort” that the general public needs to worry about, as its incorporation into [...]

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28 Tips for Living a Better Life!

I’m a young dude, only 28, but I have learned a lot during my time on this awesome planet. I take a lot of notes throughout my day when something feels correct so that I can remember them, and today, I want to share many of these tips with you. These are my rules for [...]

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Does Nutrisystem work?

Does Nutrisystem work? Well, is it an effective and healthy way to eat? My immediate response? It’s NOT a great way to eat, and I’ll be explaining exactly why I feel that why in this article. I have some troubling information to share with you, and some of it may make you angry, especially if [...]

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Flat Ab Exercises for Strong, Flat Abs!

A few years ago, I started experimenting with home ab exercises, and I’m glad I did. I effectively implemented a 15-minute program that I try to do everyday. These flat ab exercises are great and they truly work! If you’re looking to get your waist slim once again, you must do these!

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Facts about sugar – did you know this?

Sugar is pretty scary! Sugar is something that requires some real understanding in order to recognize its true dangers. Over the years, I have done extensive research on sugar and have discovered some troubling facts. Personally, I have cut my intake drastically, and for the most part, doing so has changed my life and health [...]

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The Paleo Diet – is it right for you?

It’s time to bring it WAY WAY back! I’m talking about a while ago here – caveman times! Humans actually have a very interesting past, and in regard to food, it’s all very hard to ignore. How about we take a quick look into human evolution and assess how it has gone through some major [...]

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Cancer – are we really fighting it correctly?

Are all of these “cancer events” truly necessary?   In all honesty, what do they accomplish?     Ok, ok… They do bring some needed awareness to the current and very predominant cancer epidemic that millions are facing, so they do serve somewhat of a purpose, but are these events the much-needed key to stopping [...]

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GMOs – The Frankenstein Foods!

The Frankenstein foods! We truly don’t have anything against Frankenstein, he’s actually a pretty cool guy. What we DO have a problem with are “Frankenstein foods,” AKA Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s), and there’s a very good reason why we feel this way, as there are many disadvantages. The questions we get asked most: What are GMOs?  [...]

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Why sick people are staying sick

We’re smart, but very sick humans Humans have, without a doubt, climbed the ladder of evolution and technology with great success – no surprise there. We’re a pretty advanced species… We’re among the most intellectually advanced to ever walk this planet (that we know of), but where does this leave us in regard to our [...]

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Probiotics and gut health

Why your gut is so important for overall health So we’ve been reading a lot lately about gut health and its overall impact on the body, and have come across some pretty great information. About a few years ago, we really started understanding just why the gut is SO IMPORTANT for pretty much everything involving [...]

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How to be healthy – the absolute basics!

Being truly well – let’s take a step back for a second What does the word “health” really mean? We ask because it seems that everybody has a different take on it these days, and it’s getting to be somewhat confusing. So who’s right? Who’s the epitome of health and wellness? Our take? Nobody is! [...]

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Cancer drugs cause cancer

The “C” word… We hear about it all the time and have all been affected by it in some way, shape or form. Everybody at least knows (or has known) somebody who has dealt with this horrible disease, and this is why I often talk about it. I truly feel that most people (doctors and [...]

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Is juice bad for you?

Juice in a nutshell To put this simply, store-bought juice is nothing more than sugary water with nothing of real benefit to the body. It really has no added value to the human diet even though we’re all being told the exact opposite, and you can thank our very misleading media for all of the [...]

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Would you rather pay farmers or doctors?

Who would you rather you pay? Farmers? Or doctors? Truly, this is a question that more people need to be answering these days… Let’s think about this for a second…  Society has hit a roadblock, and many people don’t know how to go around these very common obstacles. Obstacles like: Medications for pain issues Pills [...]

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Subtract this TOXIN from your diet ASAP!

Aspartame is SCARY! That’s for sure! And like with anything scary or questionable involving one’s health, you know we have to give you our two cents on it all… We’ve actually come across even more evidence that ASPARTAME is NOT safe. And if you’re not fully convinced that this junk is harmful by now, you [...]

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3 ways to KEEP your resolutions in 2013

New Year’s Resolutions HARDLY work! It’s kinda true too… How many times have we all failed at keeping these little promises to ourselves? For us…many! New Year resolutions suck because hardly anybody can honestly keep on top of them. But we came up with some good approaches to getting these goals dialed in, and executed, [...]

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