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How to be healthy – the absolute basics!

Being truly well – let’s take a step back for a second

What does the word “health” really mean?

We ask because it seems that everybody has a different take on it these days, and it’s getting to be somewhat confusing.

So who’s right?

Who’s the epitome of health and wellness?

Our take?

Nobody is!

Because if one person is right, that makes everybody else wrong, and nobody likes to be incorrect.

Now that’s not to say that eating junk and leading a toxic lifestyle is the correct route to take either. As you will see in a minute, there are some very important pillars that must be in place if one is to truly be well and lead a healthy existence.

Health is like religion, one must do what works for them

health and religion How to be healthy   the absolute basics!

The thing is, we all have been overexposed to the confusion of “what’s right and what’s wrong” in regards to being well.

It’s extremely frustrating!

And yea, it is much like religion – people are constantly taking jabs at one another by means of trying to prove a point. We must all accept the fact that each person will have his or her own belief system, so there’s no need to try and change that.

  • With religion, there’s no need to change how one desires to think.
  • With food, the same concept applies, but on a more “flexible level.”

In other words, there’s a right way and a wrong way to eat, but it needed’t be forced upon anybody. On top of that, each person is going to have his or her own catered approach, so ONE way of doing it will not be applicable to everybody.

This is why most “diet plans” fail…

Think of your diet as a fingerprint – it’s unique to YOU! With this comes the fact that you must do what is correct for your own specific body type, not the next guy or gal in line.

  • Some do great on low-fat diets, and other don’t.
  • Some do ok with sugar, and others don’t.
  • Some can eat grains, and others can’t.
  • Some people can eat fast food 7 days a week and still have a ripped six-pack.

We’re all unique in our own special ways…

How is one to make a correct decision, when almost all decisions out there are incorrect one day and right the next?

Sadly, this is the world we live in today…

So much junk pollutes our lives that it’s hard to filter, and we totally get this.

Mainstream media is filled with horrible information and most people fail in realizing this. Usually if some type of health product or service is being blasted on the TV, the radio, or something to that degree, we basically just tone it out.

The truth is, if it has to be promoted so heavily, it’s probably not legitimate.

Today we live in an era where mass media is the main decider, where doctors are misinforming the public, and where medicine is extremely flawed, and in many cases…useless!

It’s all pretty sad, but you know what?

It doesn’t have to be like this…

There are many out there trying to do good, rather than the opposite.

Amongst the many flawed practitioners out there are good one’s!

It’s definitely taken us some time to find them, but we’ve been successful in our journeys.

We want to show you how it’s done…

So how is this whole “health” thing done?

So how do you do it?

How does one stay pure, thrive and live to be 100 years old?

Well, we definitely can’t guarantee that you’ll live to be 100, but we know of many tactics and ideas that could potentially increase your chances.

The thing to realize here is that we (modern humans) are very sick. Most, if not all, have something going on to some degree – yes, we’re included, we’re not perfect guys!

So in order to see where you fit into this whole picture, you have to look at how your basic day-to-day activities go…

Ask yourself the following…

  • Do I eat out a lot?
  • Are my body products dangerous?
  • Am I taking any medications?
  • Do I drink pure water?
  • Am I eating in accordance with my metabolic type?
  • Do I exercise frequently?
  • Am I eating too much sugar?
  • Am I tired a lot?
  • Am I stressed (internally and externally)?
  • How toxic am I really?

You see, question like these must be answered and dealt with accordingly if true health is to be a real thing – there are no two ways about it. This is why we say it’s simpler than you may think.

Health revolves around straightforwardness – the less confusion the more clear it all becomes.

We need to start toning out all of the junk information by means of getting on board will simpler ideals.

Take for example the overweight woman that’s crash-dieting to drop 50 pounds, or the fatigued middle-aged man that’s getting burnt out form his job and continues to eat junk 7 days a week.

Most people aren’t fueling their bodies for productivity; rather, they’re doing the exact opposite. A type of catabolic effect if you will…

How is one to feel well if he or she is not putting the pieces together correctly?

To be honest, we feel that nearly 80% of it is food, and the remaining 20% will consist of things like:

  • Exercising
  • Meditating
  • Laughing
  • Sleeping well

There’s a lot that must be inline for one to feel their absolute best, but unfortunately, most don’t see these very basic necessities.

We’ve been doing this for some time now, and can honestly say that it’s been tough to figure it all out, but we credit the one’s who made it simple.

We’re talking about the people who distributed (and still continue to distribute) credible, reliable, and legit information. That’s how it should be! And we get it – it’s hard to trust people these days, no doubt about it.

There are no quick fixes here, but there ARE things you can do today to get you on the right track, and as stated earlier, a lot of it begins with the foods you choose to eat.

It starts with food How to be healthy   the absolute basics!

So where do you go from here?

Well, first ask yourself the questions we have listed above.

Secondly, you hit us up for a quick (and free) consultation so that we can really see where you’re at with all of this. Everybody is at a different level, so we have to see your individual placement.

Thirdly, you relax, chill out, and take a breather, because the truth is, if you’re not chillin out, your health will suffer undoubtedly.

And our last tip is to start deprogramming nearly everything you’ve been told (on a mainstream basis) in regards to being well.

Things like:

  • Eating less saturated fat to avoid heart disease – not correct!
  • Using toxic artificial sweeteners – dangerous!
  • Eating grains and grain products – bad information!
  • Drinking sugar-laded juice – very unhealthy!
  • Exercising for hours on end – catabolic!
  • Using “beauty products” to stay young – most are toxic!

Thanks for reading this post. If you liked it and agree with what we have discussed, hit that share button icon smile How to be healthy   the absolute basics!

Hit us up anytime!

Peace and Love

- Joey and Chris

Images courtesy of: ponsuwan and worradmu at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. adam #

    nice post. I really think that this is how everybody should approach health. It has gotten so complicated over the past 10-20 years and people are getting lost. I’m glad to see that you guys are all about making it simple and easy for people to understand. I’ll be sharing this post with a few people that need a reality check. Thanks for the info.

    April 2, 2012 at 2:19 pm Reply
    • Chris #

      No Adam, thank you!

      April 2, 2012 at 3:05 pm Reply

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