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FDN Coaching

Why I recommend that everybody do these labs!

Labs…sounds so…medical!

But don’t worry, these aren’t the labs that Mr. 10-minute appointment is giving down at the family clinic.

These are way different!

What they do is show us what most doctors/health practitioners aren’t looking at these days, I mean, let’s just be honest here – medicine has gotten pretty speedy.

5-10 minutes in the doctor’s office, and a slip for some pills to cover up symptoms – pretty bad if you ask us.

These so-called “health clinics” aren’t really healing all that well if you want our honest opinion, and it’s not the doctors fault really, it’s the model in which they practice that’s the problem.

  • There’s no digging these days!
  • No identifying!
  • No time being spent with clients!
  • No proactive approaches geared toward really figuring out all of this madness!

And that’s because there’s no functional healing going on…

Functional healing?

What in the world is that?

I’m sure you have probably heard of functional medicine, well, this is similar, but we don’t actually practice medicine over here at Versatile Health.

We’re definitely not doctors.

But we are hardcore investigators!

The only difference is that we don’t use prescription drugs to aid in the healing process. If drugs are needed, say for something like a parasite infection, we can work with your doctor.

Sometimes, we actually prefer working with a client’s doctor to get things all squared away, as it can be beneficial to both parties.

We don’t treat symptoms!

That’s right!

You see, the basics of FDN don’t revolve around treating symptoms.

In other words, we can’t just throw darts at a board and hope that something sticks. That’s kind of how western medicine goes about practicing these days.

Instead, we dig deep into areas of the body that must be looked at if true health is to be a goal. Sure, we use symptoms, body dysfunction, and signs to help guide us, but it is our lab work that can help in narrowing everything down.

It’s a shotgun approach (Western medicine) vs. the riffled approach (FDN healers).

The bottom line here is that million of people jacked up these days, and most are desperately seeking refuge at clinics that simply aren’t gear to help.

And this is why we do what we do!

Honestly…everybody has something going on!

Me included!

Nobody is perfect!

What’s crazy is that almost every case/lab we have assessed has shown some degree of concern – some way more than others.

Most people are in need of some type of “health correction” – it’s just how it is today.

We (modern humans) live pretty toxic lifestyles, and this can play out in a number of ways, disease being an obvious outcome.

So if you’re going through a few things, and have exhausted all possible resources, and want to figure out a lot of this stuff, I may be your answer.

Some of my best labs are listed below…

BioHealth #101 Metabolic Assessment Profile

The 101 will allow me to look deep into 2 EXTREMELY important areas: digestion and detoxification. Why is this important? Well, ask yourself this; do you suffer from any of the following?

- Heartburn/ Acid Reflux
- Stomach Pains/ Cramps
- Intestinal Pains/ Cramps
- Constipation
- Diarrhea
- Bloating Sensation
- Gas
- Nausea/ Vomiting
- Food Cravings
- Painful Elimination
- Depression
- Fatigue
- Dark Circles
- Headaches
- Skin Conditions

Test Kit #101 – Metabolic Assessment Profile

- Consultation $97
- Lab Fee $132 (Pay Direct to BioHealth)

BioHealth #205 Functional Adrenal Stress Profile

The 205 will tell me how your adrenal glands are functioning by deeply assessing your cortisol levels. Now, this is NOT just some generic lab that your doctor runs – it’s WAY BETTER! It gives me better information than anything mainstream and is extremely comprehensive and accurate.

This is not something you’ll find at your family clinic.

Additionally, the 205 will measure your main steroidal (sex) hormones: estradiol, estriol, progesterone, and testosterone – also important for a variety of reasons. On top of all that, we’ll also be able to look at your melatonin (the sleep hormone) levels, which can give us further insight with gut and circadian (body clock) rhythms. All of these hormones are able to give us a great snapshot of how your body is working overall – it’s a mystery why more doctors are not utilizing these labs today.

The thing to realize here is that most people are EXTREMELY out-of-balance with these measurements, and that’s not good because they’re ALL vital for overall health! The 205 is an extremely accurate and in-depth lab that gives us some great information. If you’re suffering from any of the following, we should do this ASAP! 

-       Anxiety

-       Panic

-       Depression

-       Loss of Immunity

-       Disturbed Sleep

-       Thinning Skin

-       Poor Concentration/ Memory Lapses

-       Hot Flashes

-       Night Sweats

-       Osteoporosis

-       Irregular Menstruation

-       Painful Intercourse

-       Slow Healing

-       Reduced Libido

-       Unexplained Weight Gain

-       Fatigue

-       Loss of Appetite/ Increased Appetite

-       Hair Loss

-       Dry Skin

Test Kit #205 – Functional Adrenal Stress Profile, and Sex Hormones

- Consultation $97
- Lab Fee $176 (Pay Direct to BioHealth)

BioHealth #304 Mucosal Barrier Function Test

The Mucosal Barrier Function lab evaluates A BUNCH of important body functions that everybody should have looked at. High and/or low scores in these compartments indicate abnormal immune/gut function. The thing to realize here is that if you have abnormal gut function (like most people today), you’re NOT living up to your fullest potential. The gut is tied in with A LOT (physically speaking) and this lab will allow us to look deep into your body like no body has before.

What does the 304 look at?

Bacterial Group Ratios: Measuring these bacterial groups help us assess digestive and absorptive function. The ratio of anaerobic to aerobic bacteria should be 1:1. When this ratio is imbalanced, dysbiosis (overgrowth of bacteria) is present – bacteria loves inflammation and viruses produce it! When one is present, the other is not far behind. Bacterial overgrowth may indicate an infection of some type – maybe even one that you’re not aware of!

High Protein Markers: The gut is designed to allow nutrients to pass through the mucosal barrier. A permeable gut may allow unwanted food particles to pass through, creating an immune response to commonly consumed foods. Your everyday food choices may be initiating an immune response! The LEAP Mediator Release Test (MRT) is highly recommended for those with high dietary protein markers as well. This is also something we can do.

High Yeast Markers: Yeast! Everyone has yeast in their gut! However, a compromised immune system creates an internal environment conducive for Candida (yeast) overgrowth. Ridding yourself of excess yeast calls for eliminating a bunch of things: sugary and fermented foods mostly. It also calls for rebuilding the immune system – something we’re very good at doing. The 304 will give us some very detailed information in regards to your yeast levels and if they’re a problem.

All Markers Low: If all of the above markers are low, then the mucosal barrier is pretty much shut down, in other words…all soldiers are down! This means that there is no mucosal immune response to antigens – not cool. This also means that intestinal permeability is severe and leaky gut is present. If you think that you may have leaky gut, this test will tell us. 

Strengthening the Mucosal Barrier and Immune System will help in relieving many health complaints! More people MUST realize this.

The 304 will allow us to look at and address the following areas:

-       Infections

-       Asthma and arthritis

-       Ulcers

-       Crohn’s

-       Celiac diseases

-       Yeast Overgrowth

-       Food Sensitivities

-       Ulcerative Colitis

-       Autoimmune diseases

-       Chronic fatigue

-       Joint pain

-       Diarrhea

-       Frequent bladder

-       Leaky gut

Test Kit #304 – Mucosal Barrier Function Test

- Consultation $97
- Lab Fee $250 (Pay Direct to BioHealth)

BioHealth #401H Pathogen Screen

This stool analysis determines whether or not there is a presence of ova and parasites such as protozoa, flatworms, or roundworms; immunoglobulin G (IgG) to Cryptosporidium parvum, Entamoeba histolytica, and Giardia lamblia antigens in stool; bacteria, fungi (including yeasts), and occult blood; and Clostridium difficile colitis toxins A and B.

Five stool samples and one smear are taken over a four-day period, providing a highly reliable comprehensive analysis of intestinal microflora. Each stool analysis determines the presence of Helicobactor pylori (H. Pylori) using antibody to antigen on stool. A positive result always indicates active infection.

The goal is to pinpoint and eliminate internal stressors, which elevate cortisol levels leading to excess fat storage:

- Candida albicans
- Maldigestion and malabsorption
- Yeast overgrowth
- Parasite infestation

Test Kit #401H – Pathogen Screen

- Consultation $97
- Lab Fee $255 (Pay Direct to BioHealth)

Now, before you make a decision here, I want you to think about something…
Remember…EVERYBODY has something going on to some degree.
Even the ‘healthiest health-nut’ will have problems in the areas we have discussed above.
What we want you to fully understand is that we can test, correct and fix these issues by utilizing functional lab work and effective protocols.
This can all be accomplished and successful through diet and lifestyle reformation. On top of that, we have access to some of the best supplements out there – truly pure and natural stuff.

I’m not a supplement pusher!

That’s right, I’m not going to sell you some junk that you don;t need, but I do recognize the need for certain supplements depending on the case. 
So if you’ve been pushed around by the medical system, and you want some clarity, it’s time that you take a different approach to getting better.
These techniques are proven to work and can surly help icon smile FDN Coaching  
If you have any questions before making a decision, email me (Joey) personally at joey@versatilehealth.com.

Another important note!

Once I mail out lab kits, a refund is NOT possible. So please, be 100% sure you’re willing and ready to go through with the FDN program once clicking that ‘BUY’ button icon smile FDN Coaching  
Let’s do this!!!

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