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Awesome tips to avoid heart disease

Yo, what’s goin down friends!

Just to let you all know, we’re in the middle of shifting a few things around on the site, so you will definitely be seeing some new stuff pop up over the next month or so. Along with these obvious changes are going to be some new ways in which we deliver some of our content. Cool stuff regardless, just letting you all know…

We’ve been getting some feedback from a lot of you asking for more, quick and and easy-to-implement tips. So with that being the case, you got it!

We’re all about adjusting our services to fit our follower’s needs, so never hesitate to shout out some recommendations – that’s what we’re all about icon smile Awesome tips to avoid heart disease

Today, we’ll be listing a few great ways to improve heart health. And as requested, it will all be delivered in a nice little package. Hope you like it!

5 great heart health tips!

Ok, so these are a few, but are not all of what we can recommend. Over the years, we’ve been able to filter through most of the crap out there regarding heart health and have compiled a pretty big list of major no-no’s to avoid or at least be aware of. So let’s check out some of these…

Tip 1: Do your best in getting off these toxic statins!

Studies show that statins are very dangerous and that there is a lot of controversy surrounding their use. Payouts by Big Pharma are definitely a factor at play here as well – just something to acknowledge. Our take on it all – be aware, be very aware!

Talk to your doctor about trying to get off of them if you’re taking them currently, and be selective with what they say. Get your research on further, and throughly understand the statin craze.

Also to note, you must start understanding your cholesterol numbers more – millions are misled on this issue. You see, most people think that cholesterol is bad, and with this, they don’t understand that we need it to survive! No cholesterol = no life. Cholesterol is necessary for many body functions, and this needs to start being discussed more.

Statins decrease what our bodes need to be and remain healthy, and that’s scientific fact!

Statin Fact: Studies show that statins may increase one’s chances of developing prostate cancer. 

Tip 2: Increase your saturated fat intake!

Sounds crazy right? Whats crazy is that we have all been convinced that this “low-fat” trend is our key to better health, when it couldn’t be further from the truth, read this if you want some further convincing.

What most people don’t realize here is that saturated fat is extremely vital for overall health on many levels, and that cutting it out of the diet can be very harmful. Its intake is crucial for heart health, and its consumption MUST be reassessed.

Saturated fat fact: Saturated fatty acids make up at least 50% of  our cell membranes. Studies also prove that saturated fats are not something that we should fear. Many civilizations (the Inuits) survive on high fat diets and are very healthy. 

Tip 3: Cut the grains and sugars and eat more veggies!

We all know the importance of a hefty veggie intake; yet, most of us are still lagging on the vegetables – come on now, don’t put your head down!

Studies show that loads of veggies can have some awesome effects on the body – drastically reducing one’s chances of developing hearth disease being a major one. There’s a reason why your mama told you to eat those veggies when you were a kid, she just wanted you to keep that beautiful heart of yours nice and healthy!

The key here is more raw and uncooked veggies in the diet – emphasis on the raw. Juicing is a great way to boost these levels as well. We’ve both been on the juicing hustle for some time now, and totally love it!

Grain fact: Grains are loaded with phytates which block the absorption of certain nutrients like magnesium and zinc. Grains also spike blood sugar levels which can also wreck havoc on one’s cardiovascular system. 

Tip 4: More vitamin K!

Another thing that a lot of people are deficient in is vitamin K. This study shows that increasing one’s intake could possibly help in decreasing his/her chances of developing some real nasty cardiac issues later on. Vitamin K can come in supplement for or from food, but food is always the best icon smile Awesome tips to avoid heart disease

And just FYI, certified organic kale is extremely high in vitamin k! We eat it nearly everyday, as it is also a perfect veggie to throw in a juicer!

Vitamin K fact: Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an extremely crucial role in blood clotting.

Tip 5: Eat real food!

Come on people, it’s time! It’s time to get off the processed garbage and on some real food!

Put it like this – if Mother Nature had no part in the foods you’re eating, toss them out! It’s time to make the switch to some REAL, unprocessed, organic foods.

Grass-fed meats, organic produce, and water – lots of pure filtered water.

The truth is that these are easy areas to address, and they can have a major impact on one’s health – heart health for sure.

Seriously…it’s not that complicated people! 

Look, our ongoing quest to “fix” this entire heart disease issue is easier than our media (or doctors) makes it seem. What we find troubling is that most individuals look at pills to correct their issues, when in reality, it is their daily decisions that need to be corrected.

We’ve met very overweight individuals with major heart problems that take heart medications to correct an issue, yet they still continue to smash fast-food during their lunch break. How does this type of behavior make any sense?

These actions speak – they say that people are not changing their daily habits for the better and are waiting for some kind of “miracle drug” to come along and correct everything – this would only be true if we lived in some type of dream world. Well unfortunately, we don’t icon wink Awesome tips to avoid heart disease And if you’re this person, good luck, because that miracle drug will never come. No such thing exists, nor will it ever…

It’s as if we’ve been brainwashed into thinking like this. Hmmm…

What most people don’t realize is that by cleaning up the diet, a person can experience a majorly drastic change in his or her overall health, but it has to be done correctly.

You see, this too is an area that most medical professionals get wrong. We’re sorry to say, but most doctors are not advising their patients correctly on their diet and lifestyle choices. How do we know this? Well, just look at how many drugs they push, the foods they recommend for us to eat, and the tactics they employ! Not effective, and very misleading…

The take home message

Awareness…that’s it! We simply want you to become more aware. And this is in no way medical advice, so please don’t take it as so.

All we want is for you to seriously look at your life and assess it accordingly. If you’re on statin medications, why is that? Are they working? How do you know they’re working? Who says they’re working? Do you know what else these drugs are doing to your body? You see, these are questions that need to be answered…

Our tips today are simply here to spark your interest in alternative methods. And trust us, there are MANY out there. Contact us for more details if you want to take it all a bit deeper, we can help you.

As of right now, we’re doing FREE 30-min consultations via Skype. These meetings are geared to help us get a clearer picture of what may be going on with you, so that we can proceed forward with some type of corrective therapy.

We’ve helped a lot of people, and can help you too. And it all starts with a 30-min conversation.

What do you have to lose?

Stay energized!

Peace and love

- Joey and Chris

This post was in no way a message to get off your medications. Always talk with your doctor before making any drastic changes. We’re not medical professionals and/or registered dietitians. Consult with a medical professional before implementing any of this advice.

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