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Meat – should you be eating it?

Myth: The human body is not designed for meat consumption.

Please…let’s lay this argument to rest!

The fact is that the battle amongst vegetarians and meat eaters has an extensive history.

For ages, this war has been waged on supporting evidence, but it is starting to become pretty obvious that many factors have been overlooked…

Our take on meat consumption

Just go for it! That’s right! Scarf that steak down! Smash that chicken breast, pound down that pork chop!


Because we strongly believe that the consumption of meat is perfectly compatible with the body if one chooses to go that route.

We also acknowledge the fact that many choose to not take the meat path, and this is totally fine as well. But it does take some real understanding to go completely vegetarian and/or vegan.

We hate to say it, but a lot of people go about the no-meat lifestyle all wrong – further understanding is usually needed in most cases.

As we look into the past for answers, we find proof, but for some reason, many overlook the ancestral evidence. Today, we’re sheading some light on this topic, and showing you once again why eating meat is not a bad thing!

Actually, it’s perfectly in-tune with what the human body is made to do.


Here are a few reasons why eating meat is all good icon smile Meat   should you be eating it?

image 1 Meat   should you be eating it?So there you have it, a few real facts to think about.

Did you know these little factoids?

If so, we applaud your dedication to understanding the issue at hand. It’s not common to know and/or understand such things, so major kudos to you!

What’s your take?

Meat or no meat? Healthy or unhealthy? Compatible or absolutely horrible choice?

We truly want to know your stance, so share below!

That’s it for today my friends, tune in real soon for more.

Much love!

- Chris and Joey

Main blog image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

joeys share Meat   should you be eating it?


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