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3 ways to KEEP your resolutions in 2013

New Year’s Resolutions HARDLY work!

It’s kinda true too…

How many times have we all failed at keeping these little promises to ourselves?

For us…many!

New Year resolutions suck because hardly anybody can honestly keep on top of them.

But we came up with some good approaches to getting these goals dialed in, and executed, and we want to share them with you right now icon smile 3 ways to KEEP your resolutions in 2013

We call these the “The Resolution Musts!”

Rule #1 – Keep it achievable

Keep your goals within range!

In other words, don’t set a goal that is insanely hard to reach. Yes, definitely set your standards, and aims high, but choose the path of least resistance.

Aspire to do big things, but go about it in a way where you can accomplish many little tasks on the way there.

We’re all about goal setting, as it’s a must for most people to be successful in life, but only if it’s being done correctly.

For example, we know this dude that sets a NYE resolution every single year, but he falls off the wagon about 3 weeks into it every time!

Every single year, it’s as if he’s intentionally setting himself up to fail.

It’s literally insane!

2013 will make his 8th year at attempting the same goal he initially set off to crush in 2005. So being that he’s a good friend of ours, we both sat down with him to assess WHY he’s failing so horribly each time.

His response? ”It’s too hard!”

Ok, now we have something to work with…

His failures are a direct result of what we like to call “obnoxiously high goal setting.”

Now as stated earlier, setting high standards is a great thing, but some people don’t understand that in order to get to that one awesome point, he or she must take smaller steps first.

Like a bunch of baby steps to reach that BIG one. Smaller accomplishments often lead to bigger ones.

Think of it like climbing a mountain. You have to train, prep, visualize, and get your body ready for the arduous task of climbing a damn mountain.

Realize that each step within your training before hitting that mountain is a small step in the right direction. Mini wins in order to get that BIG WIN!

And to be honest, these little wins feel pretty good too!

winning 3 ways to KEEP your resolutions in 2013

Our friend’s goal every year

Our buddy’s aim was to lose 60 pounds – yea, he’s a bit overweight. And he wanted to accomplish this extremely hard feat by dieting.


Here we go again…

Let’s talk about that…

Rule #2 – Don’t DIET!

Look, dieting sucks! And it NEVER works!

This is why we say to NOT do them, as there is no ONE diet that will work for everybody on earth.

You see, we all metabolize our foods differently because we’re all genetically unique from one another. So having only one platform to work off of doesn’t make much sense for anybody.

How is one style of eating going to be the sole answer for over 7 billion people on the planet?

It simply doesn’t work like that.

So here’s our solution…

Don’t diet, but implement more of a lifestyle change instead.

Maybe this year instead of dieting, you can make it a goal to eat more raw, organic, REAL food. Or you can make it a goal to start limiting your sugar intake a bit more.

Better yet, you can adopt a grain-free lifestyle, as it’s definitely something we recommend for our friends, family and followers to get acquainted with.

You see, these are LIFESTYLE adjustments, that can stay with a person for LIFE. For us, such techniques are not temporary. They’re in place to represent a permanent change.

And that’s where all of this “diet” business get’s cloudy and confusing.

Look at it like this…

Most people start “dieting” because they’re unhappy with their health, figure, or overall appearance. And because of these feelings of unhappiness, they pick up the latest diet fad and try it out. They want a quick fix.

Most don’t research enough to even gauge if it’s a smart decision or not, so it’s already a bad move from the start.

Now remember, as stated earlier, no ONE diet is going to work for millions upon millions of people, so it’s no wonder why millions are also falling off their “diet plans” about 3 weeks after starting.

The body reacts horribly, and tells the person (YOU), to knock this s#!t off!

On top of that, most mainstream diet plans don’t stress food purity enough, and we have a big problem with that. For EVERYBODY, real food should be a goal.

No processed garbage, no junk “health bars,” no toxic protein drinks – just real high quality organic food.

So as far as diets go, knock em’ off!

Get in-tune with eating well, eating REAL food, and feeling better. The body doesn’t like crash dieting, it likes a steady platform with pure food to fuel it properly.

Try juicing, blending, or figuring out unique ways to get some raw organic fruits and veggies into your body everyday.

For both of us, juicing is the key. It’s easy, it’s not that expensive, and it makes us feel absolutely awesome!

Rule # 3 – See your goal everyday

What do we mean by “see” your goal everyday?

It’s simple – write it in a place that you will see it multiple times throughout your day.

For example…

A sign above your bed, a sticky note in your car, a reminder on your computer. Just as long as you can constantly be reminded that this is something you HAVE to do!

Constant reminders totally work, and for us, they’ve been key tools in our development and overall progression in life. We have notes and reminders in all places, from the bathroom mirror to the car, they’re in place to keep us focused.

On top of that, we’re very in-tune with what we put out to the universe.

Yup, we totally believe in the law of attraction…

In other words, we believe that if one is to create positive vibes, recite what it is they want in life, and constantly remind the universe that their goals are of priority, positive reactions can and WILL happen.

If you believe in the law of attraction, then this is something that you must do!

Positive vibes, happiness, laughing, it all adds up!

Let the universe hear what you want in life, and say it in a positive manner every single day. Keep it real, and love all those around you.

You can also create something like a vision board, or some type of reminder that can accurately display all of your goals in which you’re aiming to accomplish in life.

Vision Board 2013 3 ways to KEEP your resolutions in 2013

The bottom line with NYE resolutions

They fail because people aren’t going about them correctly.

Take these tips and try them out.

Go about it differently this year if your goals haven’t been reached quite yet. And even if they have been reached, set new ones and strive to hit these new targets.

Thanks for a great 2012! We love you all and are looking forward to an awesome 2013! You guys are why we do what we do!

Also, you can grab our FREE eBook “Supermarket Domination” by clicking here if you want to start the year on the right foot nutrition wise icon smile 3 ways to KEEP your resolutions in 2013


- Joey and Chris

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  1. Sophie Sharkey #

    Read your book about coconut oil and loved ut! Any chafe something is in the making to give us moe ideas about ways to use it!? I tried making a smoothie with coconut oil in the mix and the oil turned into lumps! Help!! Keep up the great wok!!

    September 12, 2013 at 9:12 pm Reply
  2. Marsha #

    3 logical 3-steps…sometimes it just needs to be spelled out to you…so thank you x In fact I won’t wait till the new year I’m going to start a resolution now…cut down my sugar intake…I’m juicing daily, I use organic coconut oil daily and I’m trying to eliminate my grains and refined foods so why wait…such inspirational blogs x

    November 11, 2013 at 3:41 pm Reply
    • Joey #

      Awesome Marsha! Keep up the great work!

      November 11, 2013 at 5:12 pm Reply
    • Joey #

      As always, I’m here to help, or if you have any questions.

      November 11, 2013 at 5:13 pm Reply

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