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Why sick people are staying sick

We’re smart, but very sick humans

Humans have, without a doubt, climbed the ladder of evolution and technology with great success – no surprise there.

We’re a pretty advanced species…

We’re among the most intellectually advanced to ever walk this planet (that we know of), but where does this leave us in regard to our health?

I mean, we seem to know quite a lot about science, spaceships, and computers, but we’re still a sick bunch of people!

cancer statistics Why sick people are staying sick


What’s going on here?


The Western Model for “Healing”

western medicine Why sick people are staying sick

Now, before you start thinking this is a complete knock on Western medicine, please know that it’s not! We believe that great doctors and/or practices do exist out there, but there are few too many.

You see, we (the human race) are facing an epidemic here, and ‘health professionals’ are not identifying all of the many hidden health stressors as they should be.

We rely on these people for our healthcare, but they’re simply not delivering!  

Honestly, when was the last time your doctor gave you more than 10-minutes at one of your appointments before he or she sent you home with a prescription slip for some toxic medication?

Sadly, this is how the system works today…


Our Roller Coaster Trip Through the System

disease rates Why sick people are staying sick

If you’ve been following us some time now, you know that we have both been through this crazy medical system at very young ages. Being bounced around from doctor to doctor with nothing more than a handful of pills to show for it, we definitely hit our limit.

Who wouldn’t? 

It was an “up and down, roundabout ride,” and nothing was ever really fixed or corrected.

You see, we were looking for answers, and the one’s employed to fix our problems (our physicians) couldn’t hack it!

One thing that we definitely noticed was that instead of taking a rifled and more direct approach with us, they decided to utilize what we call the “shotgun method.” In other words, point, spray, and hope to hit something.

Needless to say, but that really didn’t accomplish all that much.

It was time for some changes, and we knew our doctors were not going to accomplish all that much at this rate. We slowly started realizing that if we were to start feeling better, it was going to be outside of traditional approaches.

Western medicine had failed us, and it was quite apparent that nothing was going to be solved or corrected.

What we feel Western medicine is good for

  • Life-saving surgical procedures.
  • Great technology.
  • Emergencies – gun shots, stabbings, and car accidents.
  • Broken arms.

What Western Medicine is NOT Good For

  • Digging deep to find root cause health issues.
  • Establishing long-term health.
  • Preventative maintenance.

Treating Symptoms with Medications

toxic medication Why sick people are staying sick

Yes, certain medications do have their place in society today, but very few MD’s (at least in our opinion) are not approaching their patients with an ‘Ok, let’s really figure this out’ approach.

We want more than a 5-minute visit at the docs, we want more than prescription bottles, and honestly, for the prices we pay for healthcare, we totally deserve it.

Look at it like this…

  • Heart disease: Pills, surgery, and horrible diet recommendations.
  • Diabetes: Pills and shots.
  • Cancer: Lots of pills and toxic chemotherapy.
  • Weight loss: Pills and bad diet recommendations.
  • Depression: Pills, pills and more pills. Lot’s of pills! icon sad Why sick people are staying sick
  • Sleeping issues: Pills
  • Attention issues: Pills
  • Infections: Pills
  • Body Aches: Pills
  • Libido problems: Pills


Cost’s for medications

Society is Sick Why sick people are staying sick

The drug industry is making some serious cash here?

When I (Joey) was in my worst state in 2003, I was on about 8 different medications and I was still getting worse. The pill regimen I was on, literally did NOTHING but mask the issues, which needed to be uncovered and addressed.

I can’t explain how frustrating this was!

But you see, this was all part of the system in place. I was paying loads of cash for these medications, and that’s exactly what THEY wanted! A lost patient that was willing to pay for quick fixes via the drug route…

We’re just NOT there yet!

You see, there is a balance within medicine and our mainstream system, but it just hasn’t been figured out yet, and the only way to change this faulty medical model is to become more aware – that’s the bottom line.

In other words, don’t be satisfied with a prescription and ‘advice to rest’ next time you’re at the doc – drill for answers! Do your research, and throw facts at your MD. Don’t let him or her push you aside.

If you’re truly sick, get answers! 

We actually got in the habit of making it a game to test our doctors. Some couldn’t even answer basic questions about nutrition, eating well, and/or the effects of certain medications.

Couldn’t even count the amount of times my doc told me to take antibiotics, but also had no idea what probiotics were.

Can you believe that?

It’s important to understand that underlying stressors are responsible for making people feel sick today, and most regular MD’s (or even specialists) aren’t equipped to figure these things out…

They’re just not digging deep enough.

Our advice – don’t be afraid to shop for a new doctor until you find one that will truly understand what you’re going through. Get one that’s serious, and one that gives you time.

The FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) Approach

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Why sick people are staying sick

It has become apparent that some honest health peeps do exist out there, and some of the top ones (at lest in our opinion) are located right here in sunny San Diego.

Reed Davis CN and his team are amongst the top and honest healers we speak of, and their goals are simple – to heal people by approaching the the entire issue differently than most.

I (Joey) am now working with Reed and the FDN team and can honestly say that FDN’s are responsible for healing THOUSANDS via natural protocols.

The FDN approach is all about digging deep for root-cause stressors. 

We strongly believe and suggest that if you’re dealing with any type of health issue (big or little), to take the FDN route.

It’s very legitimate and it works! 

Not only are we FDN’s equipped to dig really deep into what you may have going on, the FDN team is strong, and we’re all here to help you feel better.

Check it out here!

Anyway, that’s all for today!

Drop a comment and be well.


- Joey and Chris

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  1. brenda Lopez #

    I so agree with you on this one. It’s time we change how we treat the sick.

    December 19, 2011 at 11:23 am Reply
    • Joey & Chris #

      We all need to make a change no doubt about that

      December 20, 2011 at 9:32 am Reply

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