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Understanding Diabetes

Posted By on Sep 27, 2011

As most of us already know, diabetes is an epidemic that needs to be seriously addressed in order for us to really ‘stomp it out.’ Not only is this disease ruining millions of lives, it’s killing on a mass scale and is on a rampant cycle of health destruction. IT MUST BE STOPPED! For the record, diabetes is NOT just a disease involving blood sugar like many are led to believe. Diabetes should be looked at as a sickness that affects...

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Are you a sugar addict?

Posted By on Aug 2, 2011

Sugar is some pretty dangerous stuff, so we wanna talk about it! Let’s start with a very basic question… Are you a sugar monster? Ok, so what is a sugar monster? A sugar monster is a person that constantly craves the sweet stuff and is in desperate need of a ‘sugar fix’ pretty often. They also will usually have extremely whacky blood sugar patterns that to be honest, can get quite dangerous. Actually, sugar monsters are...

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BPA Dangers!

Posted By on Jul 7, 2011

  Plastic is everywhere, and there are so many questionable items that require some serious attention here Many of the products we use for storing food, drinking water (and living in general), can have some serious risks! Even some of the most basic items today can raise some concerns. What we’re talking about chemicals like Bisphenol A – also known as BPA. It’s everywhere! For the record, a human’s exposure to...

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