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The True Meanings of Health

Meanings of Health2 The True Meanings of Health

What’s all this health business about anyway? 

For real!

It’s like most are just talking and/or thinking about it, while very few are actually doing!

The True Meanings of Health The True Meanings of Health

It seems as though our ongoing quest for genuine health keeps branching off into different areas. I mean just look at contemporary media – do we really need to point out here that there’s a major overload of junk fads today?

  • The drivethru diet – for real?
  • The Cookie diet – WTF?
  • The Junk-food diet?
  • Hydroxy-whatever?
Come on man! Let’s cut the crap!
It’s obvious – none of that stuff works, and deep down, we think that people truly know this – or at least we hope they do icon smile The True Meanings of Health
And as we filter, push aside, and toss all of that junk into the garbage (where it belongs), we often step back and analyze what ‘health’ truly means. Because in order to understand it, one must go about it like this fro time to time.

Looking deep into health

The word health can mean very different things to different people – clearly no two think alike, and that’s where it can all get a bit confusing.

Let’s start with that noggin’

A Healthy Mind

readminds 300x300 The True Meanings of Health

Yup, a healthy mind is right! It’s time to get that head in check…

We think the mind is completely underrated in regards to how one should look at health. It’s a major player in this health game, and more people need to get down with that!

Honestly, how many do you personally know that deeply care about optimizing their mental stability on the regular? For us, not too many…

What’s crazy is that the mind can literally build or destroy the body, and most fail in realizing this. We both know, because we’ve both been there.

having a healthy mind The True Meanings of Health

And that’s the truth!

Joey’s mind issues in the past

You see, back in the day, I (Joey) was very much a slave to my own mind – it had complete power over my life and controlled my world because I allowed it to. My thoughts had so much negative influence on my body, that I was literally able to make myself sick because of how I was thinking!

S#!T was crazy!

The thing is, as time passed, and as I fell deeper into this major depressed hole, I started realizing that if I could control my thoughts, I could control how I was feeling (physically) everyday.

So I tried REAL hard, but nothing happened! And I kept trying, but nothing happened. And then one day it clicked!

I woke up and said “stress, anxiety, and worry – we’re breaking up!” 

I had enough! And it was time for a major change. So I blocked it out, and re-structured how I was thinking.

You see, by getting in-tune with some serious mind power, I was able to reform my health from the round up! Sure, this feat requires some extensive mental training – something we’ll be getting into a bit later. But for now, all you need to know is that you can start by being extra aware of your positive and negative thoughts.

Let all he good stuff in, and push all that bad and very negative S#!T aside.

We totally believe that the universe processes all of the emotion we throw at it. So with this, we’ve become extra aware of what we put out (energy wise) for others to pick up on.

Put it like this – the more you laugh, smile, think positive, and stay happy, the better your life will be. And that just makes complete sense to us icon smile The True Meanings of Health

A Healthy Body

healthybody2 300x224 The True Meanings of Health

Well, this one is obvious…

I mean health and ‘one’s body’ pretty much go hand-and-hand with one another. And what we mean by ‘a healthy body’ may not be what you think, as we’re not just talking about lookin’ fit and being able to press 300 lbs.

What we’re talking about relates on a more cellular level.

Let’s start with a few questions…

  • How do I feel on a daily basis?
  • How well do I really sleep?
  • Are my cells functioning to the best of their abilities?
  • Are my hormones in check?
  • Do I have LOADS of oxidative stress bogging me down everyday?
  • How well is my liver working?
  • Am I leading a toxic lifestyle?
  • How good is my diet really?
  • Am I overweight?
  • Do I eat a lot of sugar?

And the list goes on…

You see, these are all valid questions that if answered honestly, can uncover some deep-rooted issues.

Basically, what we’re driving at here is the ability to analyze areas that most people don’t really pay all that much attention to. What’s crazy is that if these areas are not in check, one will not be able to lead a long and healthy life (for the most part).

Some people are just lucky I guess…

Remember – the clock is always ticking! So being able to thrive like a boss in our later years of life should be a goal we’re all aiming to hit. Agree? For real, who really doesn’t want a nice elderly experience?

The major truth!

We skip through our adolescent years, have fun in our 20’s, start ‘waking up’ in our 30’s, begin to worry in our 40’s, become depressed in our 50’s and retire in our 60′s all F’ed up! Well, maybe not everybody, but we know a lot of people strssin’ out in their 60′s. And that just doesn’t sound all that cool…

On a serious note, we’d like to just skip through all the decades with ease, and just chill out when we hit those later years.

Anybody with us on that?

Ok, obviously, that’s not totally attainable, but you get what we’re driving at, right? All we’re saying is that we need to all be more aware of our decisions, so that later on, we can chill out and relax a bit.

We really don’t think living well past 100 (in good health) is all that impossible if one is to take this ‘health and wellness’ stuff seriously.

We hear of people breaking past that 100-year barrier from time-to-time, so we know it’s possible!

The trick is optimizing your own body to hit that sweet spot.

But honestly, none of that matters if you’re a grumpy ol’ fart that’s pissed off all day long icon smile The True Meanings of Health And that brings us to our next point…

Healthy People Skills

Communicating 300x168 The True Meanings of Health

This is, by far, the most overlooked section of all!

We have yet to find the perfect person – they simply do NOT exist. And trust us, we’ve really looked!

But what about the ones who are pretty darn close?

Yes, they are out there. You know, i’s those very few who are like the best people to hang around icon smile The True Meanings of Health

We do find these very special people from time to time, but it’s definitely not an everyday occurrence.

So why is being an awesome person so important?

Simply put – one who connects with more people will surely be happier. Think about it – the more people one is to associate with, the more friends he/she will have! And friends (and family) are amongst the most necessary ingredients in life.

We’re both extremely lucky to have such great friends and family in our lives and we let them know as often as we can. The truth is, without effective and likable people skills, one will not go far in life, and this totally applies to how one interacts with those around em’.

And that’s it yo!

Although brief, we still feel that these areas are crucial to assess if one is looking to gain optimal health.

Hit us up with a comment below, as we want to know what you got from reading this article.

Peace and love.

- Joey and Chris

4 Responses to “The True Meanings of Health”

  1. melissa #

    Awesome article! Really like how you guys branch out and look deeper.

    February 9, 2012 at 11:47 am Reply
    • Joey & Chris #

      Thank you! That’s why we do what we do

      February 9, 2012 at 12:41 pm Reply
  2. Randy #

    Yo guys! Nice post. I’m sharing this will all my friends, they need a little bit of health education.

    February 9, 2012 at 11:48 am Reply
    • Joey & Chris #

      We all do lol

      February 9, 2012 at 12:41 pm Reply

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